Tortured SOUL


After Evangeline Wolcott learns her family is in trouble with the Vampire King of North America, she reluctantly agrees to marry the blackmailing vampire in an attempt to save them from financial ruin. This act spurs Adam Perez, the King's avowed enemy, into action. Adam, leader of the Blacktail werewolf pack, believes Cyrus kidnapped his sister in retaliation over attacks against his coven. Fueled by hatred for this fiend, Adam takes something of his, a spirited beauty who sets his soul on fire. Wrought with grief over her predicament, Evangeline soon finds herself falling for her enigmatic captor. Will Adam and Evangeline's love prevail when she is destined to belong to his enemy?




Adam walked into the bathroom and shut the
door to keep the warm air in. “I told you to call me if
you needed anything,” he said roughly as he grabbed
the towel from the hook and threw it over his shoulder.
He stepped to the tub, keeping his eyes leveled on her
face and reached out to help her up.
She jerked away from him. “Wait.” Her wide eyes
met his. A flush filled her high cheekbones as she
licked her succulent, wet lips. She had no idea how
damn provocative her simple action was and he went
hard instantly. Thank God he was hunched over.
“Aren’t you going to close your eyes?”
He snorted. “Then I won’t see what I’m grabbing.
Besides, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”
“You haven’t seen me!” she said angrily, her eyes
Yet, he thought. He shook his head. What the hell
was wrong with him? “Fine. I’ll close my eyes and you
lead my hands, but if I knock you into the sink, it’s your
own fault.”
“Okay,” she uttered meekly.
He closed his eyes and felt her pull his hands into
the water and place them on her rib cage. She fit
perfectly in his hands and he took his time lifting her
out of the water, reluctant to let go of her sleek, soft
skin. When he set her down, he let go unwillingly and
grabbed the towel from his shoulder, holding it out to
her with his eyes still shut.
She took it from him. “Thank you. You can open
your eyes now.” Evangeline stood before him with the
beige towel wrapped around her torso, her hair dripping
wet, sending droplets down her shoulders.
This woman would be the death of him.

Tortured embrace


Having loved his alpha and best friend's sister, Serena, for years, Jason is wrought with grief over her mysterious disappearance. For months he's searched day and night all the while trying to hide his true feelings for her from his pack, especially her brother. When she is found in the clutches of their enemy, Serena and Jason must deal with the torture she's endured and fight the mounting feelings they have for one another. Can their love withstand her overbearing brother and an enemy bent on capturing her once more?




Stepping in front of him, her head bent back. Jason balled his fists at his sides, demanding them not to move and caress her silken cheeks.


"Can't you feel how much I want you? You want me too, don't deny it." She moved ever closer, backing him up further against the door.


In a second, he was going through the damn thing. "Serena, stop." He shouldn't be here. He needed to leave, but he had a feeling she'd set off the fire alarm or bust a pipe just to get him to come running back.


"I need you, Jason." Oh God... "Stop fighting me. I know you want to touch me. Do it. My body burns for your touch. Show me what it's like to be caressed by a man." The urgency in her gaze stunned him. She had no idea what her words were doing to him.


She glanced down, eyes blazing. Okay... Guess she did know. Serena reached for his chest, but he caught her wrists, holding them suspended in front of him.


Staring for a moment at her delicate fingers, his control began to slip with every aching moment. God, he'd wanted to touch her for so long, really feel her in his hands...arms... Very slowly, he brought his gaze to her breasts straining under her shirt, watching her chest rise and fall.


How long had it been? He'd imagined this very moment, pictured him loving her, kissing her, moving inside her. Damn it! He had to try it, needed a taste of what he'd denied himself for so long.